Discussion on what is and is not doxxing

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Re: Discussion on what is and is not doxxing


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Lsuoma wrote:Copied from the main thread. Because you can never get enough Lsuoma!

Thought re doxxing.

Yes, there is almost always an element of uncertainty about it, so making a bright-line rule is next to impossible. Overall the Pit actually does a pretty damn good job about policing and preventing it. I don't want it to be seen as a fetishistic thing, since that just gives DayDays, Flanhead, etc., something to hang their pissing and whining on and try and play gotcha! games.

So, here you go:

I, as Pit Digger in Chief, frown very, very strongly on doxxing and sharing personal/private/IRL information that is not trivially found at all times. If I believe it's done with malicious intent that is even worse. I expect everyone to use common sense when posting stuff - if you are including details in your post that a reasonable person would expect that the subject would not want shared, think very carefully before you do so. You could end up with a ban. If you make an honest mistake, PM me or one of the mods and we'll try to put the genie back in the bottle, but can't guarantee so to do.

If a newbie does something, unless it's particularly, egregious, they MAY get a free one-time pass. Or maybe not. If a regular does something, no excuses - you fucked up, and you're gone.

None of us (except DayDays, Steerzo, Flanhead, and Colon) is perfect, so there may be mistakes. I rely on the collected wisdom of the Pit to help out here. I've been a dick in the past and will likely do so again. But together we can get it jut about right.

I'd appreciate comments and thoughts on this from regulars who post in good faith. Any holier-than-thou cunts can fuck off. Trying to parse every edge case is a worthless exercise, and I'm going to ignore comments from turds who are trying to lay oh-so-clever traps.
I think this is very reasonable. Doxxing is the kind of thing that is very much dependent on the specific situation. Having a general rule of "think before you act" and then having a discussion about it when doxxing appears to have taken place through malice or mistake seems like the best solution to a complicated problem.

I post here under my real name, and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned which town I live in, and certainly which country. I've got a link to my updated-for-one-month-a-year blog in my signature. The bar for doxxing me is quite high. Someone would basically have to post my home address, and even then I don't think I would be too upset because it's not as if it's that hard to find. At the same time most people post here anonymously, and at least a few have professional reasons why they don't want their personal information getting out. For them I'd say the bar for what's considered doxxing is far lower than for me, and the consequences for doing so ought to be harsher. Which I guess is a long-winded way of saying; it depends. And I think Lsuoma's suggestion is a good one, because it will never be clear cut.

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Re: Discussion on what is and is not doxxing


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My tuppence.

Doxing is exposing the name and details an anonymous or pseudonymous person. I don't care whether the person's details are freely available elsewhere, fora and social media should grant the individual the decency to be the name and avatar they choose.

Once one steps outside a forum in order to find out more about said person, in order to reveal name and details one is engaged in doxing. While there may be many self-rationalisations for doing so, it is still doxing. However both the name and the details (phone number, address, employers details etc) are important. To reveal the "real" name of a person online is not enough, it is, as I mentioned before, just bad form, rude if you will.

Certainly one could say that once you have an RL name anyone could then find more details. They could, they might, but then they would be doxing, not the person that put name to pseudonym.

A person that places a name to a pseudonym is more likely a gossip/drama-monger rather than an out and out snitch.