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The Pharyngula Dungeon archive


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The Pharyngula Dungeon
This is the place where all the people with restricted access to the commenting system on this blog are listed. The ultimate arbiter of all content on Pharyngula is the warden, PZ Myers, who has laid down the laws on what you’re allowed to do here. Don’t argue when he tells you to do something, or he’ll impose one of three levels of restrictions on your commenting. Commenting is a privilege; complaining to me about the unfairness of your treatment will either get you ignored, or thrown into a deeper level of the dungeon.

A few regular readers have been granted special email privileges. They have the responsibility of contacting me if a commenter is abusing the system. You might want to pay attention when they tell you to stop doing something; they know the rules here well enough that they know that when I’m alerted, I’ll probably do something rude and intolerant to you. I listen when these people email me:


The Quarantine Level
Inmates here have been asked to voluntarily restrict their participation to our unmoderated thread, the Thunderdome, only.

absolute, for being obsessed with Bill Clinton and projecting that obsession on everyone else.

Peterooke, for disgusting piety and annoying godbotting.

joey, for JAQing off and persistent petty obtuseness.

The Automoderation Level
Inmates at this level have been found to be able to control their behavior, and their names have been entered into a filter that only allows their comments to appear after I have manually approved them.

firstnamelastname, for long winded asininity and morphing.

eident9, for being just a little too obsessed with foreskins.

proudmra, for veiled threats of violence. Stronger action may be taken at a later date.

jarjar, yeah, what about the menz?

Raymond Crapsell, for obvious trolling.

The Dungeon
Trolls, every one. Obnoxious people who make racist or sexist remarks, ignore warnings and requests from me, engage in pointless argument and abuse, have a history of dishonest engagement, sock puppets, spammers, reprobates, verminous toxic sludge-flingers…all get tossed here. There is no parole. Escapees, when detected, are immediately tossed here. Their names, email addresses, and URLs are entered into a filter that trashes their comments before I even see them.
Name Crime
John A. Davison Incorrigible, senile lunatic who doesn’t understand how blogs work, but does spam me with his repetitive claims of having disproven evolution by email. [NOTE: Now deceased. Still endungeoned.]
VMartin An associate of Davison’s; lickspittle, toady, obsequious pest.
Hoody, aka Demolition Man Angry little man who spews out nasty one-liners.
J.J. Ramsey Creepy obsessive. One of the few trolls I have some concerns about: he’s a little too solicitous of my family.
David Mabus Literally mentally ill. Frequently spams twitter and my email with crazy rants about Nostradamus and Depeche Mode. [NOTE: Temporarily committed for psychiatric evaluation. Now released. Still spamming, but at a much more subdued rate]
Atheistoclast, Bozorgmehr Pretentious and appallingly ignorant creationist.
Piltdown Man Holds the record for persistence in trying to comment on Pharyngula after being banned. Catholic. Long-winded. Stupid.
John Kwok Pompous name-dropper and stunningly maladroit clown.
Curlew Racist.
Rystefn One of a recent crop of Men’s Rights Assholes with a remarkable sense of masculine entitlement.
needfulcarp Yeah, another MRA.
Phil Giordana Likewise, another MRA. Also so self-absorbed that he ignored all my warnings…do not piss off the blog owner.
Eric Atkinson Trolling ninny. Showed up to do nothing but snipe and sneer; too stupid to even be entertaining.
Jerry, aka Chunkdz Banned troll from Sb Pharyngula who showed up under a new name and continued the same old behavior. Parole revoked!
John D One of those obtuse MRA assholes; too stupid to tolerate.
Al B. Quirky Former tenant of the dungeon, back for one day, and already he’s creating sockpuppets.
tohellwithyourturtle Angry, belligerent little troll.
whatsinaname Evasive, inane, hate-filled little booger.
DriveByComment Blatantly trolling.
Dumbass Nice of him to self-label, but otherwise, just another tedious troll who whined endlessly about the quality of the comments while filling threads with his own vacuous shit.
PaulG One of those persistent assholes who got himself banned for obnoxious behavior at the old site, under multiple pseudonyms: MonkeyGenes, SlantedScience, and several others. Now he’s banned here, too. If past behavior is any indication, he’ll invent a new pseudonym and come back, but his idiotic nature will expose him again.
Zachary Bos Atheist. Humanist. Bad representative of both. He disrespected someone’s pseudonym and outed their name, and then whined on at length about how it was perfectly reasonable to do that.
No, it’s not.
Jim Klingenberg Creepy stalker dude. Posted treacly pleas of undying love to his ex here on Pharyngula, revealing both name and location — grow up, guy, and move on.
Mercurial Ewww. Pervy misogynist.
Jeffrey P Mindless godbotting asshole. Man, I despise those evangelical cretins who tell me what god wants.
Halostarbucks A young man, victim of derangement: another one who thinks it’s clever to use gendered body parts as an insult. They so hate what they lust after.
Arguably MRA The name says it all. It’s also a lie; his status wasn’t arguable at all.
Hyperon Old misogynist troll from the Sb site who did not use his parole wisely.
Cupholder, FrottageCheese Pretentious, morphing MRA. Will probably be back under multiple aliases. Will be deleted.
Kohldamunga Begged for a banning. Behaved like an ass to get it. Sure, I’ll nail him up on that cross if he wants it so bad. At least this way he won’t be able to fertilize the quantum tomatoes.
David Buckna Creationist, but you don’t get banned for that. You get banned for being intransigently obtuse and intellectually dishonest.
atheism23, Czar, ATHEIST, TheOxfordTroll, Goldstein Sockpuppets. All of them appeared on one thread overnight, and spent their time congratulating each other on how clever the other one was: it was a disgusting exhibition of public masturbation.
Karl B, empirical1 More sockpuppets and delusional god-walloping dingleberries. I’m not even going to try and sort out whatever point they think they were making: sowing confusion is the opposite of communication.
Sam, Jack, Chet, whatever Generic, unimaginative sniping sockpuppeteer.
“Chris” Amazing asshole. He took offense that anyone thought his sloppy programming skills were pathetic, and went on a spamming jag, dumping kilobytes of German song lyrics on the site…apparently, being able to use copy and paste was the acme of coding proficiency to this bozo.
Bob Stevensson Racist homophobe with poor impulse control and no coherence at all.
Pogsurf Self-declared troll. Acted like it, too.
Vincent Barely literate thug who tried to intimidate another commenter by revealing personal information. The guy could barely string two words together; why is it that stupid, MRA, and bully go together so often?
Coco Jumbo Pompous ass. Announced his superior intelligence, but never said anything intelligent. Hardly said anything coherent, actually.
JUSTthinking Not thinking. Rape apologist.
sanshou When I tell you to stop making homophobic comments, don’t argue with me.
jh0008 Banned for persistent stupidity, after multiple warnings.
syggyx Nasty little twit.
bevwoodward Rape apologist who thought getting called names on Pharyngula was a greater injustice than child abuse.
whysosrs Idiot misogynist.
Michael Hawkins Oblivious, privileged douchecanoe.
militaryhistorian Pompous blowhard with delusions of relevance.
lancifer Appallingly dishonest asshole and coward.
datasolution Bog-standard tedious misogynist.
matriarchy Self-confessed troll.
sixdays Obnoxious godbotting poe, decided to ram it up the canal where feces are excreted..
whatling Crude misogynistic ranter. All comments deleted…not one with any value.
xxxxxxxx1000 aka DrJohnBrown101 Ranting all-caps spammer. Eradicated.
nofriendoftheatheist Biblical misogynist. We don’t need his kind ’round here.
KaylaKaze Apparently, KaylaKaze is the sole arbiter of which sick kids deserve help, and which don’t.
yec123 Babbling creationist. I gave him a chance, and sent him off to the Zombie Thread, but he ignored me. You don’t get to ignore me.
danielhaven Babbling creationist. I gave him a chance, and sent him off to the Zombie Thread, but he ignored me. You don’t get to ignore me. Deja vu, man, deja vu!
mrbongo Spamming islamophobe. Challenged me to go to Pakistan for some reason. The irrationality of fundamentalist Islamists is not something I disregard; why he thinks sending me into their midst makes a point for him is not clear.
mrcrowley When I tell you to stop derailing a thread, it is not time for you to argue with me. It is time to shut the fuck up.
humanape Persistent jerk who defied restrictions on his commenting. I guess I gotta get meaner.
slc1 Doesn’t like “Limey putzes” or “Texas white trash”, and since we’ve got so many of both, I thought I’d spare him the discomfort of our company.
bwe4 Just another liar.
ryanwilkinson A cupcake who just wanted to ask a few stupid questions, and was willing to disobey my rules to do so.
dano Spammer.
rajkumar Creationist quarantined to TZT, where his repetitious whining got to be too much even for the regulars who were batting him around like a dead mouse.
Commenters requested a more comprehensive epitaph:
“(Whereas raj really was a “have you really ever looked at your hand? Like, woah. Therefore, Higher Power, dudes” caliber of stupid. He loved drugs, boobs, and Nameless Unknowable Divine Entity. He loved to repeat himself and hated reading. He loved his abstract idea of colorblindness and hated the fact that “high school science” undermined his wankery. And the flouncing. He loved the flouncing most of all. He was a complicated fellow. An abjectly stupid, complicated fellow.)”
antigodless God-bot. Fool.
oneplus999 Privileged, whiny, persistent. Ignored orders to cease commenting on a thread. This is what you get when you defy me.
horace Nasty piece of work, promoting self-defense classes on a thread about rape…and refusing to leave when told to do so.
randomguy Repulsive racist monster who thinks it’s a good idea to murder civilians.
simonprimer Women are too weak. Women are too emotional. Simonprimer is too stupid to keep around.
concernedjoe Insensitive asshole who can’t follow a simple order.
Jonathan Bishop Professional troll. Comments consisted entirely of sneering at others.
Jamesmacdonald “Sociologist” who met a few aggressive women he thought were men. Eaten alive.
scifi Pretentious anti-science twit.
porco dio Pig-stupid.
reasonable fellow Could he possibly have chosen a more inaccurate name? Maybe if he’d posted as “intelligent tolerant liberal sweetheart.”
advancedatheist Very icky misogynist.
shotsick, jemby5 Sick little troll and trolling sockpuppet.
wordplague Nasty. Vile little woman-hating toad who claims to be a graduate student…but I doubt it. IP traces to a address.
jackrawlinson Smug little scumbag who always turns up to gripe about how we’re so mean to misogynists. Showed up in a thread about a tasteless rape joke to whine about our nastiness, and that was the last straw.
redgreen Is offended at “fuck”, but thinks it’s just fine to call everyone “faggots”. Had to remove him for his own protection.
comeatmebro Rape joke apologist who’d rather complain about us taking offense at rape jokes than address the people making rape jokes.
Tyrannical Racist and proud of it. Also, really, really stupid.
woodsmanone, firstnamelastname, advancedpser Gave him a chance, put him on automod…so he started morphing so he could tell us it was ok to shoot cats. Bye!
candiron Racist and sexist? That’s no way to go through life, son.
huntstoddard Whiny. Told to leave a thread, he couldn’t — he just had to complain about a total irrelevancy again. Banned for stupidity and self-centeredness.
reliwhat Kinda dumb, kinda slow, kinda obnoxious. Ignored orders to confine himself to the Thunderdome, and went out with a flash of idiocy.
Reap Paden He complained about the commenters. An easy step to improve the quality was to smack him with the banhammer. Also, he’s a ranting asshole.
frankboyd Violation of quarantine.
Jenkem Jones Racist slyme.
Skeeve Obtuse twit who didn’t know how to stick a flounce.
Christtester Now there’s a fellow with Jesus-like compassion for humanity: didn’t Jesus say that women and children who were raped were just asking for it?
Chad Gething Just another tone-trolling twit who can’t heed an order.
Slow17motion Cocky idiot with a penchant for homophobic slurs.
ahmetduran Appallingly stupid and pompous bigot who droned on and on, finally reduced to calling everyone who disagreed with him ugly.
joachim Nasty little gun nut.
joed Asking the same stupid question on multiple threads to get a rise out of people? It’s a hybrid of spamming and trolling. I call it “spalling”. It gets you banned.
dpitman Persistent, obnoxious jerk told to keep it to Thunderdome; couldn’t.
Edward Gemmer Poor oppressed white man. I had to oppress him some more. Don’t worry, he’ll revel in the martyrdom.
olivercrangle Sneering douchebag.
BubbaRich Hey, people: if you’re going to accuse people of “witch hunts”, it would help if they were actually oppressing people and doing real harm. When you use it because someone blocked your moronic babbling on twitter, you devalue the phrase.
noelplum99 It’s all about him.

Oh, wait, no. Sorry, it’s not.
stevencarr I kind of OD’ed on his sarcasm, belittling the contributions of transgender women to atheism and skepticism. You should know…I don’t tolerate bigots here.
squiller Another boring anti-feminist troll.
Jesper Both Pederson Vapid condescending ass.
ComradeBob, Georget(?) Makes one wonder…how does slime learn to type?
lee coye <shudder> Oozing slime. Only contributed to two threads (Exhibit A and B), at length, and disgustingly — clearly only motivated to post by his contempt for women.
Dennis Strubbe “Crazy bitches“. “Female logic“. Females, females, females. Creepy bigot who thinks women (but only hot women…he doesn’t care about average women) are to blame for his boners, and they should dress more modestly.
Phoenicianromans/Annah Green Shameless sockpuppetry.
eucliwood, evangelineclaire, eu, eunecromancer Sockpuppetry and slymepittery.
Benn Dover Just from the pseudonym, you can tell he’s the kind of guy who scrawls ASCII penises on things.
John Jackson stupid privileged frat boy wanna-bes can just fuck right off.
Thetar Why is it so hard when I say to stop and stay out of a thread, to stop and stay out of the thread?
harvardmba Dull, obtuse, and obnoxious, and as you can tell from his monicker, a classist asshole.

The Lymepit
Lately, some people with a notorious history of repulsive behavior and an association with a place of ill-repute called the Slymepit have taken to blatantly trolling here to get recognition of their vile behavior. They are thrown into the dungeon all right, but I’m not going to grant them any notoriety by mentioning them — they just get namelessly blocked without acknowledgment.

John Greg
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Re: The Pharyngula Dungeon archive


Post by John Greg »

... they just get namelessly blocked without acknowledgment.
That's me, for one. I used to have an acknowledgment, but, alas, no more.

PeeZus. Such a mature, stable, sophisticated intellectual.

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Re: The Pharyngula Dungeon archive


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As far as I can see, of all the people listed in the Dungeon page, only these have or had to do with the Slymepit (I haven't heard of any of the other names):
  • Rystefn (inactive/gone)
  • Phil Giordana (active)
  • Reap Paden (promotes his stuff, not active poster)
  • Skeeve (active)
  • Edward Gemmer (semi-active)
Other known persons, taken Pharyngula Wiki's Slimepit page, we additionally get
  • Franc Hoggle / probably felch.grogan (drive by)
  • John C. Welch (active)
  • John Greg (semi-active)
  • Michael Kingsford Gray (active)
  • Rayshul (semi-active)
  • ScentedNectar (semi-active)
Not a whole lot, provided that PZ Myers regularly gives the impression that he is flooded by Slymepitters, coming back in under different names. Which appears to be even more unlikely, given the names here.

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Re: The Pharyngula Dungeon archive


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Easier to get on the BlockBot

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