False Rape Allegations

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False Rape Allegations


Post by BillHamp »

Because no one ever makes false rape accusations against someone they know, according to everyone at FtB, I thought I would post this story: http://investigations.nbcnews.com/_news ... snhp&pos=1

So my question is twofold:
1. Were we to believe her, without evidence, when she said she was raped?
2. Were we to believe her, without evidence, when she said she had lied?

So, since women always tell the truth, according to FtB and only men are liars, the only logical conclusion here is tha tshe was raped when she said she was, but then got unraped when she said she wasn't. The good news, we no longer need to worry about rape victims, they can just get unraped by saying so. I wonder why more don't just do that?


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Re: False Rape Allegations


Post by helenhighwater »

i never lie. i'm proof positive that women never lie. except i do. but now that i've just come clean about it i feel vindicated about having told the truth. therefore from that point forward i am a woman who has never lied.

i also have decided to never capitalize. now....fill up my wine glass!