Cutting back the complexity even further

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Cutting back the complexity even further


Post by Lsuoma » Wed Jul 04, 2012 8:05 pm

Had some personal thoughts, reinforced by some cogent discussions on the complexity of the site, and decided to Prune it even further. Three main topics:

* Main Drag - supposed to be ERV redux (omitting Baboollie stuff). General stuff goes here. This is the core of the site. Scepticism, Atheism, &c belong here.
* "FreeThought Blogs" and the FC5, with three subdivisions:
----- Baboollie Chat - general discussions here
----- FTB Images and Archives - this is for documentation that otherwise might end up in the Memory Hole
----- Phawrongula Wiki - this is the ONLY part of the forum that might be restricted, but only for the prevention of vandalism
* Admin and Board Structure - this forum is for threads related to the general structure of the site.