Conflict Tension Release Daydreams thread

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Conflict Tension Release Daydreams thread


Post by Eucliwood » Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:12 pm

Daydreams must have a positive ending element in them. No daydreams in which you simply want to torture them.


ooo.. this calls for an image... okay, okay, so he's talking to Svan about it, being all dishonest, and I march in and set it straight, and they're all calling me a liar and shit, and I storm off, totally tearless. But then I'm banging branches on the ground and breaking them like hulk before I collapse in a tearful hypoglycemia-destroyed mess and he finds me like that and he's staring at me, and then Im like "fuck you, jason. You know that's not what happened." and he's like "fine, psh, stay there" and Im all trying to crawl away and then I fail miserably and collapse like a doe that cant yet walk and he has to pick me up and I just look at him with a defeated expression on and I ask him "why." and he refuses to answer but just takes me into his car and he's all "okay. I'm driving you to the hospital." and Im like "no, I dont need the hospital for hypoglycemia, I just need a bagel or something." and hes all "no, hospital (paraphrase)" and Im like "NOPLZNOHOSPITAL. youve done enough tonight" and he's like "okay, fine." and then I get to fall asleep in his lap or something until he gets me some food...


authentic daydream of mine. fck yes.


Okay. But really, what would cuddle time be like with him? Or sex? Or all of that, + talking about common ground in our differences or how much our differences suck. OR OR OR... mmaybe I find him injured and I take him home and nurse him back to health and he asks me who I am and I say I'm that girl who comments on his posts who doesn't really like FtB and I hardly want to say anything to him because he's sort of a lame person in my eyes but the tension grows smaller and smaller as I tend to his wounds and we talk and stuff...
damn, why is so easy to imagine but so hard to gather up and translate on text? that's not exactly what I was imagining. Bleh. ONE DAY... I will write an indepth fiction piece after lucid dreaming it or something so its so vivid it doesn't get lost in translation in text where I can't recall what exctly I was imagining.

Another authentic daydream.

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Pregnant with his baby..but he's married. crappy fiction


Post by Eucliwood » Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:35 pm

Okay, forget the positive ending rule. Express as you wish.

"My wife and I arrived home at 1:30am to a house with no food, short one bag."

Wow, he has a wife? I wonder how FtB she is. I wouldn't want to be seen married to him.

oooo... this calls for a steamy mistress image. Not that he would actually "cheat" (strictmonogamyisforlosers) on his wife.
The pregnantbythibeault image just got a lot more interesting.

OKAY OKAY lemme add onto it... hes mad that hes pregnant with my baby cos his wife doesn't like it when hes pregnant by other people, right??
He's all "omg, abort ittt, damn, I dont want your kid! We dont even like each other!"
and Im all "but maybe having my baby would teach you something in the process! Ill raise it on my own! No adoption or abortion for JASON THIBEAULT II."

and he's all like "omg no do not name the child after me! dont tell my wife its mine. Please don't."
and Im all "Like I want to deal with that old hag? I was kidding anyway. I'm not sure if I'll keep the baby."
And he's like "wow.. I can't believe you're pregnant. We should have used a condom. In fact, we shouldn't have done it at all."

"You know, I don't regret our intimate time."

"What? Why the hell not. You don't like me. You think I'm a total femtheist, and everything."

"Well, you still have a nice side to you, and I was hoping to take the femtheist out of you."

"Um, no. I'm fine the way I am. If you don't like me for me, fuck you. I am no femtheist. I'm a feminist."

"Right... no, you're a femtheist, not that I expected you to consider yourself as such. You have a religion."

"What? So becase you're a misogynistic ass, w-"

"Whoa. Did you seriously use the AbuseLabels move on me? I want to dig your baby out with a FORK."

"First you compliment me, and then you say you want to dig my baby out with a fork. You're nuts. And you can't change me. Like I said, if you don't like me for me, fuck you."

"Which is what you did last week. You don't like my views either, but we had sex last week, and I bet you wish I was a femtheist like you, don't you? But my wish is valid, I'm the better person here."

"Seriously? Fuck you."

-He attempts to storm out... I run and bump him with my baby bump, not that anyone can see a bump yet-

for the hell of it, I think, but I really really wish I could deconvert him!

"What the hell? What do you want?"

I can't think of anything to do, so I get down on the floor and grab his calf.

"What the fuck?"

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